big black boots, long brown hair
incredible cardcaptor sakura
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I wanna thank and welcome all my 800 (omg) new followers to my tumblr, and everybody who helped to reblog my work.  I’m floored by the response to my last picture.  I hope this blog will live up to your expectations.
If you’re new here, you can expect lots of …this.  Also other art, educational things and, hopefullysomeday bits of my own original story.  
cuuute adventure time
avatar the last airbender this past rewatch was so good :')
i mean basically actually me dont worry friends i am still studying just taking a break to eat dinner
:) hermione granger harry potter series
brooklyn nine nine mcat in one week holy shit its happening D;
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Some quick modern!au Toph and Katara because I love these two girls so much and sometimes (all of the time) I just want to doodle them.
so cute ahhhh avatar: the last airbender
omggggg PUPPIES
LOL :) captain america: winter soldier